3 High Tech Toys That You Need To Know

The nineties or eighties kids would call a Tetris game boy and a Nintendo high teched. It was enough for them to arrange variations of block or to control a virtual plumber not to hit a turtle. And doing that all day was heaven for them.

But that was in the nineties. Nowadays, a toy is much more modern than that. They are designed not only to have fun or to play with, but some of them also have education purpose. Moreover, toys are now more high teched that some of you might think that such a technology is a waste to put on a mere toy.


PlayWho wouldn’t want a robot as a toy? That sci-fi movie is now a reality. A robot is a no more exclusive stuff only scientists can touch. Now, everybody can have it, and MiP is one of them.
MiP is basically a balancing robot.

The fun part is you can control it through your smartphone. All you need to do is install the app on your device and then give a command to the robot by drawing a trail on your screen.

The robot will lively follow the trail. With around $119, what you will have is similar to that of snake game in an old phone, but with a real robot!

Nabi 2

ChewyHow many kids are now having better gadget than the adults? Whether it is a smartphone or tablet, I believe parents will love to choose Nabi 2 for them.

Basically, Nabi 2 is similar to any other tablet, but with food grade silicone. Your little one can chew on it but still be okay. The silicone also helps to protect the tablet from damage caused by frequent bumps and drops, which often happen to gadgets on kids’ hands. Not only that, but it is also installed with multiple games designed especially for kids.

The games are integrated one into another and primed for arts, reading, and photo editing. Sounds like a regular tablet, but yeah you get the food grade silicone.

Bo & Yana

Bo & YanaEver heard of that book that teaches programming to babies? Bo & Yana is the real version of it. It comes out in the form of a robot and a remote explorer. Bo is the robot explorer which can be controlled from Yana, a controller which can tell stories.

With this toy, kids can learn basic programming and problem-solving skills. With $59-$228, Bo & Yana can play xylophone and play hide and seek with your little one.

Richard Moyer

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