Things to Consider when Buying a Rotorazer Saw

For those who already know about the rotorazer saw or maybe you had a chance to see the multi purpose saw on tv, you understand that it is a basic tool that is used in most construction sites and the workshops too. The rotorazer has a small circular saw that is used to cut materials that require quick and precise cuttings. It is majorly used to make small cuts on materials that happen to be placed on tight corners or in the narrow passages. The manufacturers of the rotorazer saw have designed it with a special handle and a compact circular saw used to make fine cuts. When you have a workshop, you should probably buy this tools to enhance your constructions. The following are the things you need to consider when you are purchasing the rotorazer saw.

Evaluate your Needs

When you are planning to buy the rotorazer saw, you have to know where and when you will use this tool. You must understand its use and compare to other cutting tools that you already have in your workshop. Sometimes, it is good to be honest with yourself so that you can avoid unnecessary expenses on tools you do not need in your work. What the rotorazer saw is a well-suited tool that you will not want to miss in your workshop. But it is important to compare between buying and hiring depending on how essential it is to your work.

Power Consumption

When you are considering power as a factor, you might be confused if you are unfamiliar with the rotorazer saw. Too much power can be too much for you than not enough. However, you must be able to know the approximate amount of power the tool will likely consume and know whether it will increase your power bills. The consumer grade compact saws usually consume power between 3 to 4 amps while the commercial grade power compact saw will consume power to about 5 to 7 amps. Depending on the work you do, you should choose a rotorazer saw with most the appropriate power consumption.

The Speed of the Blade

When you get to the store to purchase the rotorazer saw, it is important to consider how fast the blade spins to make fine cuts. The speed is measured in rotations per minutes. This speed is important depending on the material you cutting. A tool with a high speed is effective because it increases the performance especially when you are cutting materials that are very dense. You also need a faster spinning blade if you need to cut the finest piece of material. Generally, a rotorazer that has a blade spinning at a speed of 3500rmps is acceptable. However, you can choose a faster tool that is over 10000rpms.

Cutting Depth

Generally, the rotorazer saws are designed to make small cuts on materials that other types of saws in the workshop. However, it is important to make sure that the tool can cut deep enough to get the required size or else, you will waste your money. You must be keen on the measurements of the blade concerning the materials you want to cut.…

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