Different Types of Headphones on the Market

An online search of headphones available in the market reveals an endless array of options. Spoilt for choice on which headphone type works best?  This article provides a summary of the types of headphones based on online reviews and feedback given by headphone buyers online while taking into account greater details.

Closed Back Headphones

If you want to keep off surround sound nose, this is a headphone of choice. No matter the environment you are stationed in, the headphones shield the ear from outside interference. You can thus listen to the headphone sounds exclusive. The music relay is detailed and reveals every minute of the sound enabling the listeners to engulf themselves. This headphone is preferably worn by musicians when recording in studios. They have a strong ability to keep off external noises while honing all instrument notes. During manufacture, the headphones are perfected in a way that they prevent sound from escaping into the surrounding environment. Singers listening to their instruments while singing are unable to lose faint noises in their track.


Open Back Headphones

Open and closed back headphones come into popularity around this time. They possess open earcups allowing the escape of surround sound. This produces open and airy sound. This style provides a platform where mastering and mixing when in the studio differs from open construction. The leakages created are perfected by audio engineers as this allows mixes to remain accurate. All this prevent the buildup of certain frequencies incapable in closed back headphones.


On-ear Headphones

This type of headphones is worn over the head and ears. The confusion arises when we look at the on and over ear headphones. To summarize our findings, the on-ear headphones are way smaller than the other alternatives. The difference arises from the on-ear designs which can be likened to the open-back headphones.


Over-ear Headphones

This type of headphones is worn over the ear. Their style is way superior as they are perfect for noise reduction as they create an intimate environment between the sound listener and what they are listening to. This eventually limits noise leakage. The high-end models are highly comfortable as they have leather/velvet cups. Some of these headphones are very bulky and can even cause the listener to sweat. At times they are referenced to pillows pressed against the ears. This also means they are heavier and can bring about fatigue on the ears and head when worn for a long duration.


In-ear Headphones

When it comes to convenience and portability, this is the best headphone. They are carefully stationed within the ear and sometimes referred to as canal-phones. Today they are the fastest growing earphone segment in the market. You can easily use these headphones at home or work. Technology allows for high sound quality from such devices. Thus these models are very convenient for anyone on the move.


It turns out there is a distinction between in-ear headphones and earbuds. The most common is the white earbud synonymous with most Apple products. They do not penetrate your ear as much as earphones but are equally as effective.…

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